Post-it® Notes

Do we have clout or what. We wrote the giant 3M company inquiring about the glue on Post-it® Notes and actually got a reply:

You ask a tough question to answer. The adhesive used on Post-it® Notes is a microsphere type adhesive. It sticks lightly and repositions because the microspheres limit the amount of surface area contact between the adhesive and the substrate.

We do not sell the adhesive outside of 3M. We make only what we use internally, We do, however, make a repositionable glue stick for the retail market. This product allows the consumer to make their own notes. This product is available at most mass merchandisers.

Sorry I couldn't help more.

Dave T
Office Supplies Division of 3M

Thanks for the help, Dave. Wow - microspheres!

By the way, in the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion the two women try to dream up an impressive lie to make their nasty ex-classmates think they were a big success. What did they come up with? You guessed it - they invented Post-it® Notes. Everyone was impresssed. Well, microspheres - they're impressive.

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