Frequently Asked Questions

Do you reply to the feedback?
Sorry we can't promise to reply to all the feedback. But we definitely read it all and use suggestions to improve the site.

Should I give you feedback if I see some thing is missing or a link is broken?
Yes, please. Please don't get upset if we miss some thing obvious to you. This is such a huge subject that we'll never be finished!

Why don't you have any information about how to glue seashells to moss?
We'd love to provide information about how to glue everything to everything but there are just too many things. So we decided to focus on common household items.

How do Post-it® Notes work?
We got an answer right from the manufacturer.

Arg, my car's rear view mirror has fallen off - what do I do?
We have an answer for you

I sometimes get headaches when using hot glue for crafting.
I use a respirator but I still wonder if I could be harming myself. What do you think? You are right to be careful. Here's rest of our response...

What do you think about the desktop leash system for gluing my computer to a desk?
We did a review

Can I glue my teeth/dentures?
Yes, we really get asked this question. We don't know the answer first hand so we found a link: WebMD: do-if-yourself dentistry

How to glue something to my skin?
We almost hate to answer this question because we love all the mails we have received explaining what was being glued to the skin! One writer, for example, wanted to be like Britney Spears and glue gems to her skin. Who are we to argue. Obviously, when it comes to your skin you want something temporary and safe. Check out Kryolan Spirit Gum - one of our glues of the month.

What about concrete?
Concrete is a commonly requested material. To be honest, we don't know much about gluing to concrete. You could check with some building sites. Cement is the adhesive that holds concrete together. It will take some research on our part but we are thinking about doing concrete.

I want the glue that's used to hold inserts in magazines
A very cool and specialized glue! It does its job then you can roll it into ball and ... well, have a ball with it. The glue that is used for "tip ins" (magazine jargon) is referred to as a Peel and Stick glue. The company that our magazine specialist uses in Canada is Reichold Chemicals and the product # is 84469. Reichold's phone number is 1-800-711-2405.

How can I glue half-marbles to bowling balls?
OK, we admit, this isn't a frequently asked question! But it has been asked a few times and we got an answer.

How can I get the MSDS (Material Safety Datasheet) for a glue?
Somebody pointed out that we must have tons of MSDSes since we demand them before we review a glue so why don't we just post them on here and make everyone's life easier. For starters, we don't have the copyright permission. So you have to get them from the manufacturer. More info

Do you sell glue?
No, we just give out advice here. A few of our pages have links to sites that sell glue. We aren't sponsored by a glue maker(s) either.

Who are you people and why are you doing this?
Our main glue-master is a theater prop builder. We have called in friends and colleagues for materials we needed help on. We aren't a front for any manufacturer or some National Glue Association (if such a thing even exists.)

Why? For fun and we make a tiny bit of money from the banner ads.

I am a glue manufacturer, how do I get listed on thistothat?
We might have already considered and rejected your glue because of excess toxicity, cost, etc. But we might not have and we're always curious about new glues. Click on Feedback and tell us about your products. Ideally we'd want a package containing: a current MSDS for each glue, samples of the glues, retail pricing details, info on worldwide availability and brand names (if they change geographically). Finally, please tell us what your glue excels at. We know there are no "general purpose" glues so you won't get points for saying that. (Bribes don't work.)

We aren't going to make any promises that your glue will make it to the site. It's got to be great, reasonable toxicity, cost, generally available, etc. Also we're busy so it could take us a long time to review it.

What about Crayfish?
OK, not a very frequent question - but asked and kinda answered

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