Because people have a need to glue things to other things

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Styrofoam to Vinyl

For the strongest, least toxic bond we recommend:
Hot Glue
but remember to put the glue on the vinyl first, then contact it to the styrofoam

For large areas we recommend:

3M 77

Styrofoam is a plastic that has been whipped up like a milkshake and then cured that way. That's what makes it light. Like plastic, there are many different formulas for styrofoam. They may contain any combination of styrene, urethane, neoprene or vinyl. For this reason choosing the correct adhesive is not easy. For our tests we used polystyrene which is a composition of styrene, chlorodifluoroethane and ethyl chloride, for those of you who care. The most important things to remember when choosing an adhesive for styrofoam are:

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