September 1999's
Glue of the Month

Elmer's Washable School Glue

For September, we thought it would be appropriate to review a "back to school" glue. After much research, and attempts to search out a new and exciting alternative to the obvious, we realized that there is nothing better than the tried and true Elmer's products. Elmer's has been manufacturing adhesives for over fifty years, and has a very thorough line of relatively non-toxic adhesives appropriate for school use, crafts and home. Elmer's Washable School Glue is all that it claims to be. We found it washable whether it is wet or dry, and it is relatively non-toxic. This does not mean, however, that you should drink the stuff. Upon reviewing the technical safety data (MSDS), we found that it suggested that if "accidently swallowed, dilute by drinking large quantities of water, and immediately contact poison control center or hospital emergency room for any other additional treatment directions." Elmer's is a PVA so we suggest it will work best on porous materials. To avoid the ever present wrinkles that occur when using a PVA on paper, try Elmer's No-Wrinkle Glue Pen, with it's duel tip applicator for wide and fine application.

Elmer's also has a very informative web-site.

Trivia: The famous cow used as the corporate symbol on all Elmer's products is actually named Elsie, and she is the spouse of Elmer, the cow who the company is named after.

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If you've discovered a glue that you've grown attached to, please let us know. Maybe we can honor your glue in a future month.

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