Yamato Sticking Paste

Yamato Sticking Paste is terrific for gluing fine papers. It is a starch glue from Japan. It's main ingredient is rice starch, combined with a bit of wheat starch. It is ideal for porous materials, specifically papers, tissues and cardboard. It will not work on plastics, glass or metal. It is entirely non-toxic, dries virtually clear in about one hour, and will not wrinkle even the lightest paper or tissue. It is very low in acid, but not entirely acid free, so it isn't ideal for framing your Picasso, but it is perfect for greeting cards and paper crafts. It does yellow slightly over time. We recommend Yamato not only because it comes in a pretty green tube and smells great, but it is an excellent glue for all paper work and ideal for children.

 Toxicity: Low
 Cost: C$9 for a 220 gram tube
 Available: Japanese and Chinese craft stores, some art supply stores
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