Household Goop

This is a silicone-based glue.

There is also a Plumber's Goop and Automotive Goop and a bunch of other Goops that are nearly the same. We understand E6000 Glue is another "alias".

 Toxicity: Inhalation: Ingestion: Absorption:
 Toxicity: Don't use on anything you plan on eating or drinking out of.
 Cost: C$5 to C$6 a tube
 Time to Adhere: 12 hours to adhere, 24 hours to completely cure
 Available: Hardware and hobby stores
 Related: General Electric Silicone II
 Link: Official Site

We have contacted the lab at Eclectic Products (manufacturers of Goop) and this is what they told us. If you live in the U.S. there is a different formula for Goop than in Canada. The Canadian formula contains perchloroethylene which is a known carcinogenic. The U.S. Goop formula contains toluene, which although is a dangerous solvent, it is not carcinogenic. It is however more flammable. Because the Canadian standards are quite rigid regarding flammables and explosive, Eclectic manufactures a formula for Canada, replacing the toluene with perchloroethylene. Apparently, the people who set these standards in Canada are more concerned with the dangers of fires than cancer! Where ever you buy your Goop, the packaging will contain the appropriate warnings, so read your product packaging, and remember perchloroethylene is the one to avoid. Interesting.

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