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Plastic to Glass

For the strongest, fastest, and most invisible bond we recommend:
Loctite Impruv
If Loctite is not available in your area, or you live in Alaska in the winter where there is no available UV light, we recommend:
Household Goop

For a non-toxic but not so strong alternative we recommend:
Hot Glue

Whenever you are gluing glass you must consider the visibility of the adhesive. If the glass is translucent or transparent, you will want a glue that dries as clear as possible.

There are so many kinds of plastic its hard to give advice here that applies to them all. If possible try a small test in an area that doesn't show.

Before gluing any glass bond be sure that the glass is clean, free of any oil (even from your fingers) and dry.

Some plastics have a smooth surface finish that can be sanded off with a 120 grit sand paper, for better adhering properties.

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