Because people have a need to glue things to other things

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Glass to Glass

For the strongest, fastest, and most invisible bond we recommend:
Loctite Impruv
If Loctite is not available in your area, or you live in Alaska in the winter where there is no available UV light, we recommend:
Household Goop

Another fast alternative that will do the job, but not as strong, is
Krazy Glue
Super Glue
Zap-a-Gap if you have gaps to fill

If the bond has to hold up to solvents use:
The least toxic, yet not as strong, alternative is:

Whenever you are gluing glass you must consider the visibility of the adhesive. If the glass is translucent or transparent, you will want a glue that dries as clear as possible.

Before gluing any glass bond be sure that the glass is clean, free of any oil (even from your fingers) and dry.

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